Pond with forest in the background


In Åsenskogarna north of Älvdalen you will find Stortjärn!



There is a slogbod and parking is possible. Perfect for fishing trips.

A very fine water with trout, char and a few hares is planted and there is also a strain of self-reproducing trout. Don't forget to buy a fishing license for Älvdalen FVO and visit www.alvdalensfvof.se for current fishing regulations.

Remember to bring your trash home & leave the site in good condition!


From Älvdalen, drive RV70 north until you reach Åsen Power Station. Turn left towards Hedbodarna and follow the road until there is a sign "Särnavägen" on the right. Turn right and follow the gravel road until you see a sign where it says "Stortjärn 3" and follow the road and you will have the slogbod on the right side after 3km.