Ice rink with snow around.

Skates on Öjesjön

Öje, 17 km north east of Malung, along road E45 towards Mora. The lake has many islands.



Öjesjön's tracks
Plowed track starts from Öje Camping and beach. If the ice conditions allow, you can also start 12 km south in Hånäset. There are several rest areas along the route. They have windshelters, including firewood for barbecues and an outdoor toilet.

Öje lake is the pride of region on the mouth of the Ogströmmen river, with some ninety-four beautiful islands. The lake shoreline stretches 81 km and runs through four bodies of water before reaching the sea after 389 kilometres. The lake is 326 above sea level and covers an area of 65 square kilometres.

The lake is 326 above sea level and covers an area of 65 square kilometres. It is surrounded by high mountains and many of its islands are accessible.

Öje lake, Blue Circuit, Bysjön, 2 km

Starts from Öje Camping & Bathing and is signposted from E45 motorway. The Blue Circuit, which is 2 km long and starts at the campsite, is given priority and prepared before the other tracks.

Öje lake Blue Circuit, Vitensand, 6 km

The 2 km circuit that starts in Bysjön is extended at its southern end and includes a beautiful rest spot at Vitensand. A ski track runs parallel with the skating track.

Öje lake, Green Circuit, Hånäset, 12 km

When the entire stretch of track is prepared between Öje camping site and Hånäsets bathing spot, it is 12 km long in one direction. There are rest stops along the track, with windshields and outside toilets. There is also wood available for barbecuing.

Other services and activities:
Some 180 people live in Öje and the village cooperative runs the petrol station, the Vita Älgen restaurant, the hostel, home help and the camping site and bathing spot. In addition to the skating track and facilities, Öje also offers an illuminated ski track, as well as a snowmobile track and snow-shoe walking in the forest. (accommodation, book a table and book a guide) (skate and ski hire)