Walkingsign in the forest.
Footbridge along the walking trail.
Old industrial remains from the 18th century.
Old picture showing the workers outside the factory.
A walking trail in the wood.
Ekomuseum Bergslagens log.

Schisshyttans 4 km

Smedjebacken, Starbovägen

A marked walking trail in Schisshyttan through the forest passing old industrial remains from the 18th century.

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Visiting address: Starbovägen, 777 92 Smedjebacken

From Ludvika drive about 8 km north on road 50 to Gräsberg crossroads. Take a right on Starbo vägen and go in total 4.5 km. The hiking trail starts 1,5 km after Schisshyttans Herrgård. Parking on the right hand side at the start of the hiking trail.