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Säter - Södersätra – Bispberg

This trip offers the lush landscape of the Säter valley that opens out to farmland and the small villages of Mårtensgård and Södersätra. Cycling through the old ironworks at Bispberg you will arrive in the same-name old mining village with Bispberg Herrgård (manor house) that offers accommodation and meals.



Södersätra – Bispberg: 23 km
Length: 23 km
Difficulty: The terrain is varied and there are a couple of very steep hills to be negotiated. The remainder is leisurely cycling on mostly gravel paths.
Duration: 2 – 4 hours
Start: Gruvplan in Säter
Finish: Gruvplan in Säter

Worth a stop
You really should visit the 5 km-long canyon system with its own unique flora and fauna that runs through the Säterdalen valley. In the vicinity are fine walking trails, as well as the Folkpark in Säter itself that offers eateries and events, a popular play area for kids and a small farm where the kids can meet the animals. In the nature reserve you are only allowed to ride on marked trails.

Stora Skedvi
If you take the bridge over the Dalälven river to the small parish of Stora Skedvi you can visit the village, the church village and Kulinariet – a centre promoting local produce, Visthusboden, a food hall and Skedvibröd, a local bakery producing famed Swedish crispbread made by hand and baked in wood-fired ovens.

Bispbergs klack
At over 300 meters above sea level in a fairly flat landscape, Bispbergs klack, a hill, offers you views to die for. A fairly arduous ride on a mountain bike will get you up, otherwise park the bike and walk.

Good to know

  • Leisure Cycling


Gruvplan in Säter is a spacious gravel-surfaced car and bike parking area and has toilets. It stretches along Kungsvägen between the railway station and Säterdalen valley. Follow the signs for Säterdalen and stop on the upper parking level.

From Gruvplan keep on the right on Kungsvägen and then take a right onto Norrtullsvägen. After 700 metres the road turns, but you cycle straight ahead past the villas of Dalsbyn. Follow the signs for Mårtensgård where the paved road gives way to dirt road. After 1 km the dirt road goes down into the canyon, over Ljusterån river and up on the other side. The road is tight, as is visibility and watch out for cars, cyclists, potholes and rocks. The canyon rises 20 metres from the bottom so you might have to walk some of it and then ride the 1 km to Mårtensgård. Back on even ground, the cycling gets easier across the farmland landscape. Cycle straight ahead at the intersection in Mårtensgård and then continue 4 km to Södersätra and take a right towards Landa, which is 3 km away.

You will have the Dalälven river on your left and Stora Skedvi on the other side of the bridge. When you see the Säter 10 sign continue straight ahead and cycle 500 metres. Take a left at the Forshaga bus stop and when you see the sign Landa 95-73. Cycle approximately 1 km on the gravel path and take a right at the 3-way intersection. After a further 1 km follow the dam and take a left. Then ride 500 meters and turn right at the sign Forsbo 11-19. Keep to the right at the next 3-way intersection and after a couple of hundred metres turn left. After passing through Hällbo cycle straight ahead for Bispberg. There are a couple of kilometres of gravel path here and a hill that rises 100 metres – the going will get tough. Up at the top, reward yourself by visiting the observation tower at Bispbergs klack (hill). You can take the climb on foot, or by mountain bike.

From the top of the hill you will have Bispbergs Herrgård (manor house) on your left. On the paved road you can roll down the hill and after 1 km, just before the intersection, you take a left onto the gravel cycle path and you ride parallel with the road into Säter. Go through Kalsgårdarna, keeping to the right and then take a left to connect with the road in the industrial area and ride over the railway track. After 300 metres take a right via the parking area close to the roundabout and take the underpass under the road. Follow the cycle path going right and continue on Nämnsbovägen to Fritidsvägen. Ride straight head on the cycle path and follow the street Kristinegatan. Cycle through the old town centre of Säter until you arrive at Rådhustorget and Västra Långgatan where you take a right. You that take a left at Torggatan and right on Norrtullsgatan under the viaduct, then a right at Kungsvägen to take you back to Gruvplan.