Two stones next to a lake.

Via Sacra 900 m

Short pilgrim´s path in the area surrounding Leksands church, consisting of 15 stations which portray the Easter story. From Good Friday to the resurrection on Easter Sunday, which is carved into stones along the path.



Length: 900 m

Starting point: The walk begins by the bell tower outside the church.

Description: Walk clockwise to follow the story which has been carved into the stones. The last station is located close to a cross, which is used as a site for reflection and where one can sit and enjoy the view over lake Siljan.

The stations consists of stones which have been cut so that there is a flat surface. The flat side of the stone lies upwards and on them, quotes from the evangelists has been carved into the surface. The stones, which are all from different types of rock, have been collected from Mångsbodarna and was cut in Älvdalen. The stones are all 1 to 1,5 million years old.

Artist: Ebba Matz