Woman in white helmet climbs up mountain wall.

Rock climbing introductory course

You travel from Sälen in your own car or by transport from Fjälläventyr. The transport is parked within walking distance of a cliff that will be used as a base to go through basic rope handling, safety systems, equipment and climbing technology. On the cliff you are secured with top rope. Up to 6 participants / guide.



Climbing is a soothing sport with a high focus on the present. All worries and thoughts about everyday other problems are blown away on the cliff. The climbing excursion that Fjälläventyr offers is suitable for adventurers from 10 years. Break for lunch that is cooked over a fire or with a storm kitchen.
After lunch, tired muscles may have gained new strength and you give the mountain another chance. After a day on the mountain, it can be nice to take a dip - and as planned, you go to a lake with a jumping tower on the way home. A cozy day where you hang out, learn something new and also get some training.

Up to 6 participants / guide. Booking is made via Fjälläventyr's website.