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A red big house.
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River Lodge, activities

Ludvika, Nyfors 32

The active excursion destination in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve's wilderness. To reach River Lodge, you canoe, kayak, cycle or hike through pristine nature. River Lodge is situated along the canoe trail, the bicycle trail and the hiking trail in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve in Sweden.

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Bicycle and mountain biking to River Lodge River Loge is located half way along the 64 km bicycle trail Nyforsleden. With an overnight stay at River Lodge, Nyforsleden is a nice two-day trip, with two day-trips on 32 km. An option is to cycle straight to River Lodge. Then the distance is 11 km. For overnight guests, there is an option to end the bicycle trip, and leave rented bicycles and mountain bikes at River Lodge.

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Hiking to River Lodge River Lodge is located along the 38 km long hiking trail, the Malingsbo-Kloten Triangle. A classic three-day hike in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve's wilderness. The hike follow marked hiking trails between the small villages, Malingsbo, Kloten and Nyfors, with indoor accommodation at the River Lodge in Nyfors and at the Wilderness Lodge i Kloten.

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River Lodge is also located along Euro Trail 1, and along the extension of the Bergslagen Trail. An extension on 35 km (from the Bergslagen Trail's starting point in Kloten) to Smedjebacken, with the intention to reach the Bergslagen Trail by direct train connection from Stockholm. Rental and maps Canoes, kayaks, bicycles, mountain bikes, rowboats and detailed maps are available for rent at Nordic Discovery’s Adventure Center, 11 km south of River Lodge, along the canoe trail, the bicycle trail and the hiking trail. Accommodation at River Lodge Here you can rent a furnished apartment or double room. You can also choose to camp with caravan/motor homes or tent. River Lodge is open daily after bookings. Pre-bookings are necessary. The reception and the start point for the activities, is located at Nordic Discovery's Adventure Center in the village Kloten, 11 km south of River Lodge.

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Visiting address: Nyfors 32, 771 90 Ludvika

River Lodge is located at the northern end of the lake Långvattnet in the village of Nyfors. Nyfors is located in the heart of the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve, 24 km from both Smedjebacken and Ludvika.