A pond with frozen ice


At the Porfyrdammen (porphyry pond in english) you can fish both summer and winter or why not enjoy the tranquility of the Slogbod (windshield) which is beautifully located by the water.



The porphyry dam is located right next to Älvdalen Riding Club, Älvdalen Golf Club and old porphyry plant. The Porphyry Dam is actually called the Bruksdammen but is called the Porphyry Dam in folk mouth.

Here you can fish Perch, pike and roach. Don't forget to buy a fishing license for Älvdalen FVO and visit www.alvdalensfvof.se for current fishing regulations.

There is a Slogbod (windshield) beautifully located out on a promontory by the Porfyrdammen. Follow the gravel road that comes after Älvdalen golf club. Park the car with advantage at Älvdalen Golf Club as it can be a bit difficult to turn the car around. In winter time, the gravel road is not plowed, but ski tracks and snowmobiles are drawn here.

Before the snow, the Porfyrdammen is usually a popular place for ice skating.

If you want to use the windshelter, keep in mind that:
- Bring your own firewood if you intend to make a fire
- Make sure the fire is properly lit before leaving the site
- Bring your trash home and leave the place in good condition


From Älvdalens Centrum: Drive RV70 north towards Särna / Idre. Turn right onto Holenvägen and follow signs for Porfyrgården. At the Porfyrgården area, turn right towards Älvdalen Golf Club. Follow the gravel road and the windshelter is on the left.

In winter time it is ski tracks and snowmobile tracks the last bit of the gravel road so park your car and walk.