The port of Smedjebacken.

Norra Barken round trip

This round trip across varied terrain starts at Smedjebackens harbour. The harbour sits beautifully by lake Barken, the start and end point of Strömsholms Kanal, the second longest canal in Sweden at 110 km-long, running through fourteen lakes and twenty-six locks. In the harbour area there is a roundhouse, steam locomotives, a narrow-gauge railway, a restaurant, kiosk, café and crazy golf. Also look out for Arkivhuset a restored stone building that holds exhibitions summertime, as well as Meken, a cultural centre with art gallery and interesting exhibitions.



Length: 36 km
Blue trail: The terrain can be hilly
Duration: 2 – 4 hours
Departure: Smedjebackens harbour

Villa Gladtjärn - Hotel, camping and restaurant
Beautifully situated by lake Barken. Stop off for coffee and buns.

‘Bergman’ villages Stimmerbo and Torrbo
Fine examples of village environments enshrining Bergman culture.

Söderbärke Hembygdsgård
A well-preserved ‘Bergman’ homestead located beside a church. There is a café and you can purchase local handicrafts. In the former vicar’s residence there is an interesting collection of naïve-style wooden sculptures by local artist Paul Eriksson.

Wanbo Herrgård - Hotel and restaurant
Beautifully situated by lake Barken. Stop off for coffee and buns.

Flatenbergs foundry
A well-preserved ‘Bergman’ foundry.


1. Starting point at the harbour
2. Follow the signs for Strömsholms Kanal Cykelled.
3. Pass by Prästabadet
4. You come out on the highway; turn right towards Säter and Borlänge.
5. Turn right towards Villa Gladtjärn/Barken Konferens, Korsheden
6. You will pass through the villages of Stimmerbo, Vibberbo and Saxe
7. At Korsheden follow the signs for Söderbärke at 4 km
8. At Söderbärke turn right towards the town centre (Strömsholms Kanal Cykelled also shows Vad and Fagersta straight ahead)
9. When leaving the town centre in Söderbärke turn right onto the gravel path. NB. before reaching the highway. At the highway there is a sign for Strömsholms Kanal Cykelled
10. At Perhindersbo turn right
11. At Vanbo turn right onto the gravel path
12. You pass by Rastahyttan and further on you pass Backbyn, Flatenbergs foundry
13. On reaching Smedjebacken turn right for the town centre
14. Follow the signs for Hamnen (harbour)