Dragonfly and branch.

Nolåkersflotten 3 km

It is a bog landscape where it has been refurbished and made a hiking trail of about 3km. There are 3 benches that are placed along the trail that you can rest on or have a coffee at. Bogs can be quite difficult to access, but here you can get around with hiking shoes or rubber boots.



Length: 3 km.

Trail marking: orange marking, wooden signs.

Difficulty: Blue, medium difficulty.

Description: Nolåkersflotten is located south of Lake Skramsen. Aim for the lake and you will go past the raft! Look for the start sign on the left side of the gravel road.


Go to Dala-Järna and turn off to Nordanåker via Nordanåkersvägen in the middle of the village. Turn right towards Lake Skramsen, there is a small white sign placed at the roadside. On a terrain map / outdoor map, the Nolåkersflotten is marked, this is where the trail goes. The start sign is on the left side of the road. Park at the roadside or drive further up and park by Lake Skramsen.