Lake Navarsjön with trees in the background


In a magical environment lies Lake Navarsjön, which holds fine stocks of trout and char.



In Lake Navarsjön you can fish char, trout and burbot. The lake is a clear water lake and normally very cold. Boat fishing is most common but can also be done from land.

At lake Navarsjön it is popular with fishing even in winter.

Don't forget to buy a fishing license for Älvdalen FVO and visit for current fishing regulations.

At Navarsjön is Navardalen wilderness station if you need accommodation. You should contact them in advance.


From Älvdalen city center: Drive north on RV70. Turn right towards Sveg in Rot. Turn left towards Sveg. Follow the road and turn left towards Navardalen. Follow signs for Navardalen.
Driving distance Älvdalen - Navardalen is about 31km.