A goat standing in tall grass and flowers.
Fire in the dark.
Goats walk by a mirror-like lake and a person squats by the water.
A brightly dressed woman walks away from the camera with outstretched arms among tree in the forest.
A white little goat is standing in hay in front of a red wall.
Sunset over mountains and lake.
A rooster and a hen look out from the henhouse.
Two children stand at a table each with a rolling pin and roll out flatbread.

Nature experiences

Malungsfors, Gunhåbergets fäbod

Mountain pasture with chickens and goats. Activities such as forest bathing, yoga, hiking with goats. Workshops - bake flatbread, make a fire. Cottage is available for rent. Pitches for mobile homes and/or vans, glamping tents.

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Visiting address: Gunhåbergets fäbod, 782 75 Malungsfors