White Dalahorses.

Mora – Nusnäs trip

  • Visiting address: Saxviken/Kajen, Strandgatan 19, 792 30 Mora

For people wondering how the famous Dala horse (carved, painted model horse) is made, this is the trip for you. Parts of the tour go on a public road, mixed with gravel and asphalt, suitable for adults and young people, not for children.The start is at Saxviken/quay in central Mora. If you fancy a dip you can do it at Sanda Båthamn harbour, Färnäs Badplats and at Nusnäs. Nusnäs is the ancestral home of the Dala horse and here you can watch them being made, or paint your own and even buy one.



Length: 26 km
Green trail: Flat terrain and easy cycling
Duration: 2-4 hours
Start: Mora town centre - Saxviken/quay.

The Gustav Vasa stautue
The statue of Gustav Vasa stands on a small hill at the intersection Vasagatan - Strandgatan.

Mora korgmakeri (baskets and handicrafts)
Makers of baskets, Dalarna handicrafts etc.

The famous symbol of Sweden, the Dala horse, is made here. Two hundred thousand of them are made here every year and sold the world over.

A beautiful village with ancient roots, just 5 km south of Mora.

Good to know

  • Leisure Cycling


Start at Saxviken / quay. Continue along the cycle path towards Tingshusbadet. Still on the cycle path, cross over the railway again. Ride over Noretbron (bridge) that crosses Österdalälven river (2 km) and take a sharp right after the bridge along Solgårdsvägen and beneath two railway viaducts.

Follow the cycle path and cross Sandavägen. Continue on the cycle path to Gruddvägen. Stay on Gruddvägen for 3.5 km until you come to Siljanssågsvägen. Turn right into Siljanssågsvägen and cross the railway. Follow the railway line along Harviksvägen, past the wastewater treatment plant. Take a left at Färnäs Badplats (bathing spot) and follow Harbacksvägen. Take a right to public road (paved road) Turn right again at Hansjonsgatan. Go towards Sionsvägen - Stenbacksvägen - Båthusvägen - Gambälgatu. Continue towards Käsgatu - Nusnäs Bygata - Edåkersvägen. At the Edåkersvägen you will find the Nils Olsson Dalahorse factory.

To Mora through the forest, via Färnäs
Kråkdalsvägen – Lillängsvägen; after approx. 1 km turn right. Over the railway – Risåkersvägen – Långgärdsvägen – Pellas Gatu - Knåsgatan - Hansbacksvägen -Färnäs village street – Noret - Mora center.