Man, a boy and a dog is walking on a hiking trail in the forrest.t

Lugnet 4 - 12 km

At Lugnet there are hiking trails for most tastes, from short trails that you walk in an hour to longer trails that are suitable for a day trip. There are also plenty of picnic areas, windbreaks and cottages.



All trails start from Lugnet's Track Center next to the camping reception.

Length: 4 km.
Trail marking: Blue signs
Difficulty: The trail is easy to walk apart from a short section with a steep slope. If you want to walk a shorter distance, you can start at Sjulsarvet. Calculate 1-2 hours of walking at a leisurely pace.
Description: The trail follows exercise tracks and paths and passes through the idyllic sheep pastures at Sjulsarvet and further up to Sjulsarvsstugan, which offers a view of the whole of Falun.

Length: 5 km
Trail marking: Blue signs.
Difficulty: Calculate 1.5-2.5 hours of walking at a leisurely pace.
Description: The trail runs mostly on natural paths in partly steep terrain. The goal is the top of Jungfruberget where the trail turns.

Length: 12 km
Trail Marking:
Degree of difficulty: Calculate a 3-5 hour walk at a leisurely pace.
Description: The mountain path runs along the edge of the entire nature reserve and passes many nice viewpoints and picnic areas. Occasionally hilly terrain.

Jungfrubergsspåren are largely marked as "Kompisled". Riding is allowed here, but you get along with other exercisers.

Map and route description via link below.

Rest areas and cottages
(Follow Stugstigen, about 2 km from Lugnet) Winter cozy cottage that is open all year round. There is also a barbecue area, outdoor toilet and drinking water. In summer, firewood is driven out to the cottage.

(Follow Bergsstigen, about 5 km from Lugnet.) Winter home that is open all year round. There is also a barbecue area and an outdoor toilet. In summer, firewood is driven out to the cottage.

Rest areas
In Lugnet's Nature Reserve there are many picnic areas with windbreaks and barbecue areas. In summer, firewood is run out.

Hiking with pram
Jungfrubergsspåren are well-laid out exercise tracks that are well suited for walks with a pram. A popular excursion destination is Åsbobacken, which is less than a kilometer from Lugnet.

Another short but exciting excursion is to walk the gravel road from the ski stadium up to the jumping towers. Slightly steep slope. Take a break at the VIP cottage and enjoy the view!

Things to keep in mind when visiting in the nature reserve
- You must not damage the vegetation or geological natural objects.
- You may only use motor vehicles on some roads.
- In winter, you may only drive a snowmobile on a marked snowmobile trail.
- Motor vehicles must be parked in designated places.
- It is only allowed to go horse back riding on marked riding trails.
- You may only fire in designated places.
- Dogs must be kept on a leash all year round.
- You must not go on groomed ski trails.
- Show consideration, half of the land is privatly owned.