Paddlers in the middle of the rapids.
Kayak paddlers in the rapids.
Paddlers in kayaks on their way in the water.
Fisherman in a kayak with fishing rods.
Image from above of the rapids and house.
A happy person paddling.
Sauna, jacuzzi.
Man standing on a paddleboard.


Dala-Floda, Lissforsvägen 11

During the summer, Dalarna attracts hundreds of visitors seeking unique adventures. Kajaktivs courses are designed to appeal to a wide audience, offering a special experience. For tranquil and scenic adventures, we recommend stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) or sea kayaking in the beautiful Malingarna. For the more adventurous, we provide whitewater paddling experiences ranging from half a day to two days.

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  • Opening hours:
    Spring, summer and autumn.


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Visiting address: Lissforsvägen 11, 786 95 Dala-Floda