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The Fors Trail: Beautiful countryside and historical villages

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Biking in beautiful country on tarmac cycle tracks and gravel roads. The ride totals 29 km, starting and ending at Avesta Library. It leads eastwards on gravel country roads, passing small farms and villages such as the church hamlet of Grytnäs on the way to Fors and Åsgarn. The trail then turns back towards central Avesta along a quiet tarmac road in lovely forested surroundings. Along the trail there is a general store in Fors as well as a café and homely restaurant by Kolarbo Farm at Muddus Hjortron. Accommodation is available there and at Dalagård. At the start and goal in central Avesta there are more restaurants, cafés, shops and accommodation.

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1. Start at Avesta Library and Tourist information centre, Kungsgatan 32.
2. Follow the cycle track to Kyrkogatan, turn right to visit Gamla Byn.
3. Bike across Kyrkbron bridge and along the cycle tracks through Högbo and Skogsbo along Skogsbovägen to Grytnäs church hamlet.
4. At Grytnäs church hamlet, turn off Skogsbovägen to Humlegårdsvägen and then turn right on to Skräddarbovägen.
5. Where Skräddarbovägen and Kyrkbyvägen cross, turn left to Grytnäs church.
6. At the church you can choose either one of two routes: 1/The trail is signposted along the gravel road through Hyttan, Liljansberg and Åsgarn. 2/ Otherwise you can choose to bike in the opposite direction, not signposted, along Kyrkbyvägen to Östanbyn, Fors, Åsgarn, Liljansberg and back to Grytnäs.
7. This description continues on the cycle track to Hyttan and Liljansberg. At Grytnäs church, turn left on the road to Hyttan and Liljansberg.
8. In the village of Hyttan, turn right on the gravel road signposted to Liljansberg.
9. Follow this lovely meandering gravel road towards Åsgarn through lovely old forests, farms and small villages. A climb starts at Dalkarlshyttan followed by a descent to Västanberg. Once past Dalkarlshyttan you reach the family and conference facility Dalagård which offers accommodation and rental of an entire Dalarna farmstead.
10. In Västanberg, watch out for the sharp left-hand corner on the road to Åsgarn.
11. In Åsgarn, turn right off the road between Åsgarn chapel and the open air museum. Follow this road and the trail continues along the old railway embankment in to Fors. The cycle track follows the western shore of the lake Åsgarnssjön. On the eastern shore is Muddus Hjortron, in the village of Kolarbo, with its farm shop, B&B, café and summer restaurant.
12. The embankment leads to a residential area in Fors and the trail then follows the tarmac cycle track along Basvägen. There is an ICA general store and pizzeria in Fors.
13. At the end of Basvägen, turn right and follow the cycle track along Haggatan, across the railway and alongside the main road route 68 towards Dicka (Dickavägen).
14. The cycle track crosses the railway again in Dicka and then along a trafficked tarmac road (Kyrkbyvägen) through the villages of Hyttbäcken and Östanbyn back to Grytnäs church hamlet.
15. From Grytnäs, follow the same trail back the way you came, on the cycle tracks through Skogsbo and Högbo, across the Kyrkbron bridge, and through Gamla Byn back to Avesta Library and Tourist information centre.