A person sits in the forest and enjoys beautiful views of a lake.

Fjällberget 9 km

A hike from lake Vådsjön up to Fjällberget's peak through ancient forest and over marshland. The mountain is 525 meters above sea level, the highest mountain in the municipality, but the view of the lake Vådsjön is best experienced on the way up to the top.



Length: 4.5 - 9 km.

Difficulty: Red.

Description: The trail starts from the shelter and parkinglot by Vådsjön. The hike can be extended in several ways through the possibility of going back and forth on the livestock path, or down towards the lake Skäppsjön. The old livestock path ends after about one kilometer, but the view from there is beautiful over the lake and mountains. Down towards Skäppsjön, the trail continues one kilometer through old forest before it leads to a younger forest. Note, however, that the path continues.

The loop, where the hike goes up to the top and then back and forth both on the livestock path and down to Skäppsjön, becomes about 9 kilometers long. The trail consists of both newer paths which sometimes are used by quad bikes and old livestock paths, as well as over marshes, so expect it to be wet.

Good to know

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Drive from Leksand towards Mora via Siljansnäs, at Limån turn left towards Brasjön, after 1 km, turn right towards Långsjön. After 4.5 km turn right up on Fjällbergsvägen. Then it is 7 km to the reserve. A total of about 30 km from Leksand. The trail starts from the shelter and parkinglot by Vådsjön.