Boy with a fish in his hand standing on the ice wearing a helmet.

Fishing license Lingheds FVO

Linghed offers a lot of lakes and ponds such as the “put and take” pond St Acktjärn, where you can fish both trout and rainbow trout. You can also fish in Hafsen with its crystal-clear water.



One day card – 120 SEK
One year card – 450 SEK, valid one calendar year/valid one year from purchase date. One card is valid for one family.

Trolling one day card – 150 SEK (valid for 12 hours, 1 per boat)
Trolling one year card – 500 SEK

St Acktjärn, Rödfiskesjön an dKroksjön - 120 SEK
Boat renting for Hafsen and Nysjön 50 SEK, can be bought in a machine by the lake.

Age restrictions – Children under the age of 16 fish for free in the company of an adult who has purchased a one year card.
Contact information – Johan Apel, 070-3491158,

The area has several well-kept and fish-rich waters, for example St Acktjärn, Hafsen, Hyn and Nysjön.

St Acktjärn, Rödfiskesjön and Kroksjön are the only “put and take” pond in the area. A maximum of three fish and one rod per license is allowed. Boat and float tubes are not allowed. At least four plantings per year of both trout and rainbow trout are done. There is also a bridge and outdoor toilets that are accessible for disabled. You can also find a wind shelter with a barbecue site and another four around the lake. There is a caravan park with room for six caravans in close proximity to the lake.

Acktjärn closes 1/10 each year and opens in winter during ice premiere.
Rödfiskesjön and Kroksjön close each year 1/1 and open 1/1.

Hafsen has trout, char, perch, whitefish and pike. The lake is popular for fly fishermen in float tube. Around the lake you will find three wind shelters and barbeque sites. Boat rental is possible. Hafsen closes 1/10 and opens again 1/1 every year.

Nysjön. Perch dominates this lake, but you will also find a lot of pike. There has always been trout in this lake naturally, but they are also planting trout every year. Float tube fishing is very popular in the spring and summer. Boat rental is possible for 40 SEK. Nysjön closes 1/10 and opens again 1/1 every year.

Hyn is the biggest lake in the area, it is over 30 meters deep. This lake is really good for trolling fishing. Here you can fish big trout, pike, and witefish.

Spjärsen has whitefish, pike, perch and trout. The trout grow very rapidly as the supply of bait fish is large. There are several documented catches of trout in excess of 8 kg.

Note that you are not allowed at any time of the year to fish in Spjärsbäcken, between Spjärsen and Hyn, and also in Yflytet at the shooting range. Planerbord fishing is not allowed in St Acktjärn, Hafsen and Nysjön.

Cray fishing is only permitted for fishing rights holders, locals and summer cottage owners if they have a one year card.

The holder of the fishing license is responsible for having read the current rules and regulations in the area. For more information see the webpage
Your printed booking confirmation is a valid fishing license within Lingheds FVO, according to the regulations in the area. You need to bring your fishing license while fishing at all times and be prepared to show it to a supervisor or police.