Sauna by the river and a jetty.
Paddlers in the water.
 Girls in a sauna.
A woman leaning against a tree.
 Paddlers in the water.
Paddlers in rushing water.
Inka in a kayak.
Sauna by the water, one that dives into the water.
Several people in an inflatable boat.

Far Away Adventures

Dala-Floda, Kamholsvägen 7

Far Away Adventures is a small nature-loving family business with sustainability in focus. Inka and Amrit have twenty years of experience in whitewater rafting and spend the entire summer half year taking visitors to their favorite places in nature in Dala-Floda. They also guide some activities during spring, winter and autumn.

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Visiting address: Kamholsvägen 7, 786 95 Dala-Floda