Falu Vildvattenpark

Falu Vildvattenpark

Falu Vildvattenpark is Sweden's first and only artificial rafting arena. The rapids' water flows with the help of a pump and thus the difficulty level can be regulated. Forspaddling in Falu Vildvattenpark is a perfect activity together with friends, family, groups, companies and school classes.



In Falu Wild Water Park no prior knowledge is required and equipment is available to suit everyone. Stable, inflatable kayaks and warm paddle clothes are available. All you need to bring is swimwear, towel and preferably a long-sleeved base layer. It is also possible to lock valuables, so bring a padlock.

A visit starts with you getting equipment. After a short instruction and paddling in calm waters, you are ready to start paddling in the rapids. A visit takes about 2.5 hours.