Woman standing on a board.

A fabulous trip on a SUP board

Join Inka Gurung on a trip on a SUP board through beautiful Dala-Floda. Before you paddle out on Flosjön, you will learn how to sit or stand correctly on the board and how to hold the paddle. After a short while of paddling along the shore of Flosjön, you paddle into a small meandering stream. Here we glide along the slowly flowing water. The tall grass that grows here gives it an exotic feel and if we're lucky we'll see beavers.



You stop at a beautiful place to take a break and have homemade coffee. Finally, you paddle out on the large Västerdalälven and very soon, at the beautiful red wooden suspension bridge, it is time to disembark.
No experience of paddling is necessary. The SUP boards are stable and easy to paddle. You can sit and paddle or stand. It is fine to do the trip with children, you can be two or three small people on the SUP board. The meeting place is Dala-Floda Värdshus and after paddling it's a short walk back there. Bring a change of clothes, towel and comfortable shoes.