Orange trail marking, woman with child walking.

The Carl Larsson Trail

Besides his famous home in Sundborn the artist Carl Larsson had a house in Falun. As other inhabitants of Sundborn had done for several hundreds of years before him, he often walked the short cut through the forest and over the hills between the two places.



Also his wife Karin and the children sometimes went by foot this way instead of going by horse and carriage on the highway around the mountain.

The Carl Larsson trail mostly follows the very old road between Sundborn and Falun. Information along the trail will give you interesting facts in English about the places´ nature and culture, but Carl Larsson´s own description of the way is a main theme.

You can start your walk at Skyttepaviljongen café at the Lugnet area in Falun. From here it is 8.5 km to Sundborn. The first part of the trail goes through the Lugnet natural reserve. Trail markings will show the way. If you are biking you need to make a small loop from Sjulsarvet to Germundstäkt to Mjölnarbo. There are two resting places along the way.

One part of the trail goes through a military area, which means that the trail is closed on certain days and then a bar is lowered across the road. Ask for dates at the Tourist information office.

The trail ends in Sundborn at Hyttnäs natural reserve adjacent to the Carl Larsson House. The reserve by the water offers a nice view of the artist´s house and it is all right to take a swim, if the temperature allows. You can also sit in Carl and Karin Larsson´s garden to rest a bit before you go on a guided tour in their home. The restaurant Hyttstugan offers you a delicious meal.

During the season you can also visit the exhibition at Kvarnen, the Sundborn church with decorations by Carl Larsson, the collection of Carl Larsson´s portraits, and Stora Hyttnäs Museum, the upper class home from the late 19th century with its spacious and beautiful garden.

The landscape along Sundborn stream is a part of the master miner district that together with Falun mine constitutes the World Heritage site of Falun.