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Biking Club Älvdalen

The local biking club in Älvdalen arranges mountainbiking for all ages, group trainings, guided biking tours and courses.



The local biking club in Älvdalen arranges guided mountainbike tours in the beautiful nature of Älvdalen. Here you'll find variating terrain by the river or to the top of the mountains with a fantastic view.

Ride on forest paths, old carriage roads and on nice, red gravel roads that are special for Älvdalen. You, as a guest, chooses speed and level. By the forest paths there's many "slogbodar", a type of windsheld with possibility to make a fire, and that's perfect for a break from the biking.

If you want to bike on your own but are not sure where to go, please contact the biking club or Älvdalens Sportcenter for information.

During spring, summer and autumn you can join the club activities on weekdays.

For booking, more information or if you don't have your own bike, contact the biking club in Älvdalen.