Packed canoe.

Avesta Canoe Center

In the area around lower Dalälven you find Avesta Canoe Center. They offer different types of canoe trips, canoe rentals and more.



The area that the canoe trips are going through is called the lower Dalälven. Here the mighty river winds through a changing landscape. There is an abundance of wildlife where, for example, elk, deer, lynx, fox and beaver live. The river spreads out and forms deltas and lakes with great fishing opportunities. There are also wonderful views of the vibrant agricultural environments. It creates wide bays and flowing white waters.

Here you find Färnebofjärdens National Park, a unique area containing more than 200 islands and islets. Birdlife has no counterpart in the country. More than 100 species nest here, for example several owls and most of the Swedish woodpecker species. Here you will also find Tyttboforsen, a three kilometers long paradise for any angler out there. Here you can fish for grayling, pike, walleye and perch.

The lower Dalälven converges with the biological border to Norrland (Limes Norrlandicus), where the north Swedish and south Swedish fauna and flora meet.

In 2011 was lower Dalälven named as Sweden's third Biosphere Reserve (an area of high natural and cultural values) by UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
We have made four different tours in this amazing environment, from light to moderate and advanced, depending on how experienced paddlers you are and what physical condition you have.