A man fishing by the river

Älvdalen's Fishing area

Älvdalens FVO offers you a wide selection of fishing grounds.



There is everything from fishing in Österdalälven, Rotälven, Vanån and Tennån to fishing in lakes, ponds and streams. The currents are mainly trout and grayling and lakes usually perch and pike but sometimes char and trout. The area is very accessible and most of the water reaches you in connection with the road. But if you want, you can head out to the fishing grounds in the trackless terrain and where to experience proximity to wilderness and exciting fishing in forest ponds and streams. Fishing in rivers reaches its climax during the insect hatch in late May and in June and July, while the sea and lake fishing will start slightly later and is good much time of the summer.

Winter fishing starts as soon as the ice has settled, which normally occurs during november and the fishing is going on until the end of april. In addition to ice fishing for perch are also opportunities for ice fishing for trout, brown trout and rainbow trout.

Remember to behave cautiously in nature and avoid interference with animal and bird life. The unique Swedish roam means that you probably know both rights and obligations.

Welcome to the exciting fishing in Älvdalen!