Breathtaking view of forest and mountains.

Blyberget Nature Reserve

The Blyberg mountain’s highest point is 525 meters above sea level and consist the rock porphyry, also called Blybergsporfyr. The porphyry is Sweden’s most known, both locally and all over the world, because of the variety of art works that is made of the rock. In the area of the mountain there’s also a rich variety of growth and outdoor life. Since 2018 is Blyberget a nature reserve.



In the area of Blyberget there´s two quarries. The older quarry was used from year 1788 to 1940s. The porphyry processing started as a project to get income for the locals in Älvdalen, after a couple of bad harvest years. The old quarry is now a protected ancient monument.

The new quarry started in 1939 and proceeded into the 1960’s for industrial purpose. By skilled engineer work and artistic design, the Älvdalen porphyry industry became the leading company making porphyry handicrafts in Europe.

Trails, nature and views
The trail is well marked and nicely made, with blue markings and stairs at the steepest places. In some places, it is steep to get up or down. Around the quarries the trail is about 3 kilometres.

The mountain has steep sides which is typical for porphyry rocks. In the east part, the eastern steeple grows the spruce forest dense, here are also various pendants. On the west side it is a little drier and there the pines thrive.

At midsummer’s eve it is common to walk up to the top of the mountain. Here you can see the sunrise begin in east and the sun touching the mountain tops in the west, just to slowly make its way down in the valley.

By the old quarry, at the top of the cliff, you can see a big rock with inscriptions. The rock was given its name after one of many inscriptions, the most dominate. A man named Samuel Ugglas wrote his name on the rock in 1810. Samuel Ugglas was a part-owner of the Älvdalen porphyry company and visited the two industries Näset and Långö.


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  • Summer


Drive south on road RV70 from Älvdalen towards Mora. After approximately 10km turn left towards Blyberg. In the Town Blyberg take a left at the sign for Porfyrbrott. When the pavement ends and there is a red house straight ahead, take a right, drive 100m and park.