Alpine skiing in Falun

At Bjursås SkiCenter the family is at the center, with winter activities for both young and old.

The surroundings around the Bjursås SkiCenter outside Falun are too many of the actual images of the Dalarna with lakes, mountains and valleys. The slopes that bend through the woods provide varied rides. Here are 21 slopes and eight lifts, ready to take the whole family out on the slopes. The combined ski and snowboarding country is designed to suit both professionals and beginners.

There are plenty of restaurants and barbecues and picnic areas near the slopes. In addition to the slope there are great opportunities to test cross country skis or laze the ice skating skates. Pulkaslopes, playgrounds, snowmobile trails, ice fishing, dog sledding, horse and sleigh, relax and whirlpool. There is simply a whole lot to do and experience in Bjursås.

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