Red log cabin with flowers in the garden.
Red log cabin on a winter day.
The forest lake Sästjärn.
Kitchen table and a sofa and four chairs.
A fireplace.
Kitchen with a stove a dishwasher.d
A double bed.
Room with a bunk bed and a television.
Room with a double bed and a fireplace.
A sofa and an armchair.
The bathroom with a shower cabin.
View through the window over the garden and Sästjärn.
The sun is low over Sästjärn on a winter day.

M801 Säs, Mora

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13 km N Mora. Log cabin on private grounds close to the landlord´s house, overlooking a small forest lake with a rowing boat included. Pets allowed.

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  • Number of beds:
  • Square meter:
  • Number of rooms:

Good to know

  • Access to boat
  • Own lot
  • Sauna
  • Fire stove
  • Dishwasher
  • Two or more bedrooms
  • Twinbed
  • Close to lake