Discover Sami culture

Idre in northern Dalarna is home to Sweden’s most southern Sami village. Here the reindeer graze freely on the mountain slopes and in the forests. This is a wonderful place to experience Sami culture up close.

The Andersson family, one of four Sami families in Idre Sameby, runs Renbiten enterprise which combines reindeer herding and the running of a shop and cafe. They also offer a wide range of Sami experiences and guided tours with their tame reindeer. During the tours you can join the reindeer herders at work and listen to stories around the fire in the gåetie, the traditional tipi or tent of the nomadic Sami people.  

Sami souvenirs from Renbiten shop and café  
The shop sells exclusive Sami arts and crafts, great gifts, home-produced reindeer meat and much more. In the shop you can find all the most important ingredients (which are sourced locally) of the Sami kitchen including reindeer, moose, mushrooms and berries. In the café you can enjoy a coffee the Sami way, with a piece of dried reindeer meat in the cup, or a simple Sami lunch, for example reindeer soup with homemade bread. 

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