A branch with blooming apple blossoms,  a red wooden building, green benches infront of the building.

Stora Hyttnäs Garden

Welcome to an idyllic garden right next to Carl Larssongården in Sundborn. At the moment no guided tours available. Coffee shop out of service.



The garden is locate next to the house Stora Hyttnäs. Its an 1900th century garden of a german model. Here you can see Swedens oldes apple tree called Gubbäppelträdet or "Old-Man" apple tree, which to this day still yields a crop of apples.

The garden is divided into different rooms. Closest to the house is the ornamental garden, then follows the orchard, the kitchen garden, and then a glade which is guarded by four large lime-trees.

If you walk east of the house, you will find an untouched forrest. Walk west and you find an open meadow used for picnics. Cautious visitors are always welcome there.

Stora hyttnäs offers visitors something out of the ordinary. The history of the house and gardens reaches right back to the sixteenth century; today, however, it is an authentic example of a typical upper-class home from the early 1900s.

During the summer, in july, there is a lovely summercafé in the garden. The garden is always open for visitors, all year round. If you are visiting Sundborn, make sure you also visit Carl Larssongården, Sundborn Church, or just take a stroll through the village by the water.