Vålberg-Hackmora 6 km

Hike between the villages of Vålberg and Hackmora. During the hike that goes through the forest, wetlands and farmland one can experience culture, nature and history while passing by remnants of charcoal production



Length: 6 km, but can also be shortened to 4 km

Difficulty level: Blue

Starting point: Start att the parking area in the village Vålberg.

Description:It is recommended to walk counterclockwise, a sign with more information and a map is also located here. It is also possible to borrow a map to bring with you during the hike. There are several nice resting areas along the way, one of these is next to a lake in the forest and another is at a view point.

Since the hike partially goes through wetlands, the ground can be wet, especially if it has recently been raining.


From Leksand The starting point for the hike is about 20 km east of Leksand.
Follow the road called "Sågmyravägen", drive past the villages Romma and continue towards Sågmyra and Falun. Before you reach Sågmyra turn at the sign that says Vålberg and continue on a gravelroad up to the village and the parking area