Cassel's Concert Hall

Ludvika trip

This cycling trip offers fantastic views of lakes Väsman, Björken and Bysjön and you can take a dip in their clean and pristine waters, or even go fishing. The area is famed for its industrial history of old ironworks and foundries and there are many interesting sites to visit. Most of the trip is on paved roads and there are hills to be negotiated.



Length: 100 km
Blue trail: The terrain can be hilly.
Duration: One whole day, divided into shorter sections
Start: Väsmans Strand, Ludvika
Finish: Väsmans Strand

Worth a stop
This old ironworks setting holds summer exhibitions in the old Sädesmagasinet (granary). Coffee is served in the Smedsbostad (smithy’s lodgings) and then there is Akvariat (Naturrum), with nature, flora and fauna exhibition and aquarium.

Lekomberg vantage point
From the top of this hill you can enjoy views of the blue-tinted mountains and lake Väsman.

Grangärde Kyrkby
This church village has its origins in the 15th century and is part of the Ekomuseum Bergslagen. Adjoining it is Grangärde Musteri, makers of berry-based ecological juices, jams and other items. There is also a café and store onsite.

Hästbergs klack
This vantage point offers fabulous views of Grangärde village and surrounds. The trip continues through beautiful countryside, with many small lakes that form the Grangärde Fiske sports fishing area. To go fishing here you will need a permit.

Sunnansjö is made up of Sunnansjö Gammelgård (homestead museum), Sunnansjö Herrgård (manor house) and Marias Nostalgicafé.

Experience this unique set of buildings, including Cassels, a concert hall with astounding acoustics. The other attractions include Disponentparken, a garden café, a locomotive museum, Motor och Nostalgimuseet and Gruvarbetarmuseet (mining museum).

Bathing spots
Just before you reach Nyhammar there is a bathing spot at Hafstjärn and another one in Gränges at Kyrkviken.


Ludvika trip – 100 km
The trip starts at Väsman Strand, by the harbour, and you cycle to Grangärde (see cycle path signposts)
Then you follow lake Väsman on the cycle path.
1. Stensbo: You pass by the highway and follow Stensbovägen for 200 metres, before turning left onto the cycle path.
2. Where the cycle path ends, turn left and cycle through Östanbjörka.
3. At the STOP sign after 2.4 km turn left towards Grangärde and follow the road straight ahead until you come to Grangärde Kyrkby.
4. After 300 metres turn right onto the gravel path and follow it straight ahead for 1.2 km then turn right.
5. You will pass by the village of Ställberget
6. After about 1.7 km at the signpost for Nyhammar, you can turn left to take a shorter route, otherwise go straight ahead.
7. You will pass by Saxhyttan and after this you will be on gravel path
8. Turn left after the sign for Grangärde Hästberg. Gravel
9. Keep to the left side of the road and turn left after 2.3 km. Gravel.
10. After 2 km turn left and keep to the left side of the road. Gravel
11. After 1.7 km turn right, there is a signpost for Tanstjärn after 0.7 km and continue straight ahead. Gravel.
12. After 1.3 km turn right and keep to the right for 100 metres. Gravel.
13. After 1.2 km cycle straight ahead. Gravel
14. After 1.4 km keep to the right. Gravel
15. After 0.5 km keep to the left. Gravel
16. After 0.7 km turn left. Gravel
17. After 2.3 km (on approach to bridge) turn left for Ljusttjärn and Knivsjön. Gravel
18. After 1.7 km turn right for Ljustjärn. Gravel
19. Follow the railway embankment for 6 km and after the bridge turn right, then immediate right over the bridge. Gravel
20. After 200 metres take a left and look for the sign for Grangärde
21. After 600 metres you will pass the highway, then continue 8.0 km straight ahead. You will pass by Norrbo and Västansjö
22. At the 4-way intersection at Sunnansjö cycle straight ahead
23. At the second road turn go right and look for the Centrum sign
24. You will pass by Marias Nostalgiscafé, Sunnansjö Järnhandel, Ateljé Vävglädje and Sunnansjö Herrgård.
25. At the 4-way intersection turn left for Grängesberg.
26. You will pass by Ullnäsnoret and Saxdalen. After 10.2 km turn left for the cycle lane to Grängesberg
27. Take the cycle lane until you reach the sign for Grängesberg. Then continue along the cycle path.
28. At the bike barrier at Björknäs take a right and pass by the highway. Cycle straight ahead and after you have passed by Cassels turn left for the old mining area (Gruvområdet). Take an immediate right for Maskinhuset, Motor and locomotive museums.
29. At the crossing keep on the cycle path and then turn left. Then turn right to go through Grängesberg and then left towards Hörks Hage.
30. You will pass Hörks Hage and after 4.2 km you will come to a gravel path. You will also cycle past Jankviken
31. After 4.8 km at the 3-way intersection take a left. Gravel
32. After 0.5 km take a right, Flygfältsvägen, turn left. Gravel.
33. After 2.8 km, at the 4-way intersection, continue along Flygfältsvägen and then turn left. Gravel.
34. After 200 metres keep to the right (gravel)
35. After 2.4 km continue straight ahead (gravel)
36. After 1.8 km turn left
37. After 150 metres take a right onto the cycle path for Ludvika
38. Follow the cycle path all the way to Väsman Strand