Family cycling on a road.

Leksand trip

The town of Leksand is located on the southern tip of lake Siljan and around it you will find some fifty villages that you can visit on four different trips; North, South, East and West. All of the trips start at Kyrkallén in Leksand and then head out into open landscapes and small village idylls. There are sights to see, handicrafts to be admired and regional delicacies to be sampled. As well as lots of great places for stop offs and bathing spots for dips.



South: 30 km
Probably the most suitable trip for families with kids
North: 40 km
You have lake Siljan for company some of the way to the village of Tällberg. There are a number of hills to be tackled on this section.
West: 32 km
This is a beautiful trip around Byrviken in gorgeous village settings.
East: 30 km
This trip takes you around lake Insjön and there are some very tough climbs, followed by lovely descents where you get to rest your legs.

Length: 30 km – 40 km depending on section
Green and Blue Trails: depending on which trip you take (see directions)
Duration: 3-5 hours
Start: Kyrkallén in Leksand town centre

Worth a stop
-Leksands Church – all trips
-Leksands Homesteads – all trip
-Leksands Handicrafts – all trips
-Käck och Hebys Forge – South, West and East
-Leksand Crispbread Factory store – South and East
-Clas Ohlsson Museum – East
-Ice cream in village of Hälla – East
-Alfvéngården – East
-Tällberg – hotel, handicrafts, forge, art, café – North
-Djura Homestead – South
-Jobs Hand-printed Wares – West


Leksand trip North – 41.3 km
Route: The starting point for the trip is at Kyrkallén in Leksand Noret (town centre) and heads through the villages of Vargnäs, Torrberg, Lindberg, Norr Bergsång, Östanhol, Laknäs. Tällberg, Hjortnäs and Sunnanäng.
Total length: approx: 41.3 km
Road type: Roads are wide and there is a mix of road traffic
Difficulty: A slightly more demanding trip for the experienced cyclist

Road surfaces: Mostly paved with some stretches on gravel.
Description: This 41.3 km trip takes in some breathtaking countryside and sights and with its steep hills is for the more experienced cyclist. The western part of the trip goes through rolling countryside and culture/heritage sites. The villages Sunnanäng, Hjortnäs, Laknäs, and Östanhol are beautifully located beside lake Siljan. Tällberg village is located in a beautiful natural setting on a rise above the lake. The village is famous for its hotel, food experiences, genuine hospitality and its views of the blue-tinged mountains that rise above lake Siljan. The East trip goes through Lindberg, one of Leksands highest villages. From the top of Björkbacken the views of Siljan and the Rättviks area are staggering. In the area around Lindberg there are clusters of dwellings, both large and small, and much of the village is separated by fields and forests. From Lindberg the road descends towards the villages of Torrberg and Vargnäs. Depending on which route you choose, there is a substantial uphill or downhill between Lindberg and Torrberg.

Examples of destinations/stop-offs, including detours: Leksands beach, Leksands Sommarland, Hjortnäs pier, Dalecarlia Spa, Smedjan Klockgården, Holens old homestead and café, Plintsberg observation point, Hjortnäs Gallery, Bosses wooden handicrafts, Karlfeldsgården, Tällbergs camping, Tällbergs pier etc.

Leksand trip South: 25.5 km
The starting point for the trip is at Kyrkallén in Leksand Noret (centre of town) before heading to Åkerö and the villages of Heden, Åkersbodarna, Hästberg, Rältlindor, Jonheden, Rälta, Västannor, Gärde, Mjälgen and Yttermo.
Total length: approx 25.5 km
Road types: Mostly wide roads with mixed traffic and good visibility
Terrain: Flat and easy cycling sections combined with hillier parts
Difficulty: Very easy cycling for the whole family
Road surface: Paved

Description: An easy 25.5 km cycling trip for the whole family. At the start of the western section of the trip there is a new cycle lane and cycle path between Åkerö and Heden, before heading out to pretty villages, farmland and cultural/heritage experiences and sights. The road between Åkerbodarna and Rälta passes through clusters of village houses and buildings, with many older buildings. The village of Rälta is the southernmost point on the trip and the road turns north from here for the trip home to Leksand. On the eastern side the route goes through Häradsbygden and its beautiful countryside, as well as villages Mjälgen, Gärde, Västannor and Yttermo in which all of the houses face the main road.

Examples of destinations/stop-offs, including detours: Leksands Crispbread factory, STF hostel, Korpholens mountain pasture, Rältagården, Rälta flatbread bakery, Käck och Hedbys etc.

Leksand trip East: 29.5 km
Route: The starting point is Kyrkallén at Leksand Noret (town centre) and the route heads for the villages of Tibble, Ullvi, Romma, Berg, Rönnäs, Brenäs, Sätra, Insjön, Ytteråkerö, Gärde, Mjälgen, Yttermo and Åkerö.
Total length: approx 25.5 km
Road types: Mostly wide roads with mixed traffic
Terrain: Flat and easy cycling sections combined with hillier parts
Difficulty: Recommended for the whole family
Road surface: Mostly paved but some sections are on gravel path

Description: This is a great trip for families through open and beautiful natural surroundings, dotted with culture/heritage sites. Between the villages of Tibble and Romma the route is on a long stretch of gravel path. At many places along the route there are fantastic views of the Österdalälven river, lake Insjön and open farmland. The route passes through the central parts of the Insjö area. Between Insjön and Ytteråkerö the route follows the cycle lane and cycle path along road 70.

Examples of destinations/stop-offs, including detours: Alfvengården in Tibble, Gårds Glass Leksand Hälla, STF hostel, Anders Ståhl studio, Insjöns weaving mill, Sätergläntan, Hjultorget shopping centre, Leksands Crispbread factory and Käck och Hedbys.

Leksand trip West: 31.4 km
Route: The starting point is Kyrkallén in Leksand Noret (town centre) through Åkerö and on to the villages of; Karlsarvet, Västanvik, Grytnäs, Alvik, Almo, Backbyn, Siljansnäs, Tasbäck, Gassarvet, Fornby and Sundsnäs
Total length: approx. 31.4 km
Terrain: Flat and easy cycling sections combined with hillier parts
Difficulty: One for the experienced cyclist
Road surface: Paved

Description: This splendid trip over 31.4 km is for the experienced cyclist as the roads get tight and you share the highway with cars and other road users. The trip is around the bays Byrviken and Alviken on the same roads that are used for the famous cycle sportive event Siljanrunt. You will pass through the villages of Karlsarvet, Grytnäs, Alvik, Almo and Backbyn. You can expect to see the well-known red-coloured cottages of the region as you ride, as well as culture/heritage sites and paddocks. Stop at Fornbybanken hill rest area for views across the water to Hjulbäck, Hjortnäs, Sunnanäng, Leksands Sommarland, Storön and Räcksel.

Examples of destinations/stop-offs, including detours: Västanviks Camping and Chalets, Jobs Hand-printed Wares, Jobsboden, Leksands handicrafts, Fornbybanken rest area, Pirjo Blå design, Tant grön flower and plants, Siljansnäs bathing spot and camping, Masesgården, Naturum (nature exhibition), Buffils Anna, Olnäsgården and Siljan Air Park, as well as vantage points at Alvik (with views of the church at Siljansnäs)