Newly built ramp down to large floating jetty.

Fishing license for Äppelbo FVO

In Äppelbo, Västerdalälven joins with over four hundred lakes, ponds and streams which offers varied fishing. Here can you fish for pike, grayling, rainbow trout and trout if you have the right bait.



Tourist card
One day card – 100 SEK
One day card for a family – 150 SEK
One week card – 200 SEK
One year card – 400 SEK, valid one calendar year

Local Fishing license (ortskort)
One day card – 50 SEK
One week card – 100 SEK
One year card – 150 SEK, valid one calendar year

One day card – 100 SEK
One day card for a family – 200 SEK

Age restrictions – Children under the age of 15 fish for free in the company of an adult who has purchased a fishing license
Contact information – Bo Enström, 0281-224 72, 070-58 58 627


In Busjön you will find a lot of pike and perch, and also whitefish and trout. In Vassgalen there is pike and perch. It’s forbidden to use a boat or any other flotation devices in Järkarlstjärn, Bytjärn, Torsktjärn, Gröntjärn, Öratjärn and Porstjärn.

Measurement limits and catch limit: For all salmon fishes there is a minimum of 35 cm. Smaller fish is supposed to be put back in the lake. For trout and grayling, the catch limit is maximum 3 fish per day. NOTE! One card per quota.

Trolling: free number of roods
Angling: 12 rods per card
Fishing with net in the lakes: Maximum 2 nets per card

Closed seasons: All fishing for salmon spicies is forbidden under the spawning periods. For trout it’s forbidden between 1 September until 30 November. Does not apply to Bytjärn and Igeltjärn. Under this periods it’s forbidden to fish with net, for all, in an area of 300 m from creek or river mouth.

Special rules for Bytjärn: Put and take-fishing with rainbow trout. The fishing license is personal and cannot be given away to another person. With every card you have the right to following tools: Spinning, haspel- , fly-fishing, ice fishing, or fishing pole. For each rod, a maximum of 3 flies, 1 draft or 1 hook with bait attached. Fish should not be used as bait. You are not allowed to use a boat. Maximum of 3 game fish can be caught using Day Card, and a maximum of 6 game fish can be caught on a Family Card.The fishing license is personal and
cannot be given away to another person. You need to have the card (booking confirmation) when you are fishing and you also need to have identification.
Fishing activities shall be conducted in compliance with good fisheries management.
Anyone caught without a valid fishing license or violates applicable/general provisions risk carrion under applicable law.

Catch report: Äppelbo Fvo asks you to leave a short report, in the catch report box after finished fishing, with the listing of the number of fish caught. Leave report also if the result would be zero.

The holder of the fishing license is responsible for having read the current rules and regulations in the area.
Your printed booking confirmation is a valid fishing license within Äppelbo FVO, according to the regulations in the area. You need to bring your fishing license while fishing at all times and be prepared to show it to a supervisor or police.