Baker baking crispbread.

Crisp bread bakery Skedvi Bröd

These bakers combined have more than a 100 years of experience of baking and producing crispbread. You are welcome to enjoy!



Right next to the market is the crisp bread bakery Skedvi Bröd. The old craft of baking crispbread over an open fire lives on here, several days a week. Sit down and enjoy the beautiful environment in the bakery with the warmth and smell of the baking from the ovens. Don’t miss an invitation by the baker to taste a warm ”mjukbulla”, semi-baked crispbread with butter directly from the own.

Book a pleasant evening with group of friends baking your own crispbread, enjoying Skedvi-tapas with local produce together in front of the ovens, or book a guided tour to learn the exciting modern history of Skedvi Bröd created by entrepreneurs Anders Åkerberg and Malin Floridan, using crowd-funding. Benny Andersson of Abba-fame is one of many stakeholders!

You can also buy ecological milk from Fredrikslunds farm, pasteurised on the premises to fill up your own glass bottles. Enjoy a lunch of local produce, or ice cream and cakes with a cup of coffee.

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