Train on the brige over the river.

Storstupet waterfall

Storstupet is a deep canyon along the river Ämån north of Orsa. On a narrow railway bridge, here the Inlandsbanan crosses Ämån 34 meters above the water surface. The bridge was built in 1902 by Axel Björkman. There are many beautiful viewpoints where you can look out over the ravine, the fall and the railway bridge. Remains of floating facilities can also be seen here.



From the parkering area it is a 50 m walk down to Storstupet. The area is steep, there are loose stones and it is far down to the water, so be careful when you walk here.

The canyon's rock walls consist of red sandstone, reddish-brown porphyry and greyish-black diabase and alternate in different shades.

East of the bridge there is a fire hut open to the public.

5 km north of Storstupet is the waterfall Helvetesfallet.