Skattlösbergs By and Luossastugan

Skattlösbergs By and Luossastugan

Skattlösbergs By is an nature reserve and a old Finnish farm with nice hiking trails in a tranquil nature, located in a high altitude with a tremendous view. Situated in Grangärde Finnmark, between Sunnansjö and Fredriksberg. Dan Andersson’s memorial cottage "Luossastugan" is located here in Skattlösberg.



Dan Andersson, famous Swedish poet and author (1888-1920). The Andersson family lived here from 1912 to 1915 and this is where Dan Andersson wrote his first significant work “Kolarhistorier”. (charcoal-burning stories), here.

Several old houses from the Finnish settlement, showing their building traditions and way of living. Singing guide on site in summer. Closed Midsummer Eve. Admission fee.

800 metre walk from the car parking to the cottage. There are two hiking trails in the area.

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Skattlösberg, 35 km northwest of Ludvika, between Sunnansjö and Fredriksberg. Road 245. Please note that it is 800 m to walk from the parking to the cottage.