A person on skis pulls a child in a sled.
People who are on their way into the waffle house. Winter. Sign in front where it says Lindalen's summer pasture.
Sign stuck in the snow where it says Lindalen's summer pasture.
Melvin is standing in the doorway to the café. Moose horn above door.
Bird in the tree.
The café from the outside.

Lindalens Fäbod mountain pasture

Sälen, Lindalen

Lindalens farm was built in 1734, the same year as Carl von Linné was in Sälen. Here, time has in many ways been stationary. Here you have peace and quiet, wonderful waffles with cloudberry jam with hot strong coffee. Find the farm along the ski trail "Kalven runt".

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Visiting address: Lindalen, 780 67 Sälen