Adults and children in a canoe.

Suggested routes canoeing: Lake Van - Vansbro, 21km

In Vansbro municipality are many fine water that is suitable for paddling.



The trail starts in the north end of Lake Van, there is a nice beach with shallow water. There is it perfectly fine to camp.
Lake Van is a long and narrow lake about 10 km.
Paddle for the left bank, which offers a nice nature with some nice bathing bays. After about 1 km is a beautifully located shelter in a small bay. Headland named Stora Finnäset and is also an old burial ground. After about 5 km you reach until Torsnäset on the lake's eastern shore. Around the headland is a beautifully secluded swimming area and an opportunity to put up tents. After a much needed rest the journey goes on in Lake Van in about 4 km before Vanån takes over. Vanån begins with Vanforsen, a long rapid which is divided into three sections of rapids. If you can read the water and is an experienced canoeist you can paddle the rapids or they should be march / carry the canoe over. The easiest way to wear it is applied in the railway tracks to the left of the falls. Towing occurs to the right of the rapid. Just below the falls on the left side there is a shelter. Take a break here and why not try out fishing? Do not forget fishing license! Then there is the peace paddling all the way to Flögforsen. This waterfall is a small, but strong rapids and the same applies as in Vanforsen, that one is accustomed canoeist can paddle it otherwise should one fail. If you carry the canoe made ​​it past the left side. After Flögforsen are the calm water right down to Vansbro where Vanån meets Västerdalälven.

Convenient day trip.