A man fishing in the river.
Little boy sits on the jetty and angles.

Fishing Adventures - Malung

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No matter if you looking for a pleasant outing with the family by a small forest lake or wish to be on your own fly fishing on the river Västerdalälven - you`ll always find what you`re looking for in Malung! we have over 200 lakes included in our fishing preservation area. The majoriity of these lakes is perfect for family outings and has an abundance of pike, perch and roach. A fantastic area included many miles of where the current is strong as the river Västerdalälven flows like a glittering pearl with over 20 km (12,4 miles) of fast waters rich in "more than happy to bite" grayling and salmon trout. Offering everything from calm family perch fishing to fantastic fly fishing for the "addicted" fly fishing fishermanas well as pike fishing in the class of. The upper part of the Västerdalälven River is located in Malung´s Fly Fishing Section. Allocated quota fishing in natures own wounderful surroundings and the chance to catch big salmon trout and grayling. All the fish here are completely natural! In Malung we also have upprämmen, 385 hectare (1,5 sq miles) lake located on Malungs finnmark having large salmon trout, char and perch.

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