View over misty lake.

Älvpromenaden 7,5 km

A hike that goes along Österdalälven(Österdal river) through farmlands, villages and forest.



Length: 7,5 km, but can be shorter

Difficulty level: Blue

Starting point: Starting point for the hike is the lake and swimming spot in Västannor.

Walk along the trail that goes through farmlands, over a few wooden bridges, along the riverbank and then north through the area Dragsängarna and the village Ytteråkerö.

When you reach Dragsängarna, the hike goes along an embankment that were constructed back in the day to increase the area of arable land. This area also has a rich birdlife thanks to the variation between forest, farmland and shallow water. There is a hideout close to the river for those who are interested in birdwatching.

If one would like to adjust the hike and make it shorter, then its possible to do so. In that case when you come to the airfield in Dragsängarna walk west instead of continuing north along the river. If you do so, you will walk towards road 70 and eventually cross it and then walk back through the village Västannor and back to the starting point.