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Strömsholms kanal

  • Website: http://www.stromsholmskanal.se
  • Contact person name: Strömsholms kanal på tel 0220-100 11, lokalt Smedjebackens hamnkontor tel 0240-66 01 99
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Visiting address: Strömsholms kanal Postal Address: 777 90 Smedjebacken

Strömsholm Kanal starts in Smedjebacken harbour and follows the Kolbäcksån water system through Sweden’s oldest works district in varied, scenic landscape.


The canal, which is Sweden’s second oldest, passes through 14 lakes.

The 110 km waterway stretches from Smedjebacken in the north to Strömsholm in the south.

Only 12 km of the canal were dug by hand. There are 26 locks and an overall rise of 100 m. The locks are therefore relatively high and the rise is the highest in Sweden.

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