Santa Claus lives in Mora

Tomteland Mora

Santaworld - the land of fairy tales

Experience the place where fairy tales become reality. At Santaworld - the land of fairy tales you can meet Tomten and all his friends and where the adventure is going on from morning to evening.

At Sagolandet Tomteland - Santaworld - the land of fairy tales in Gesunda just outside Mora, you can meet Santa Claus all year round, not just at Christmas. Here he has gathered all his friends: the Santa helpers, the Trolls, the Elves, the Winterferries, the reindeer, the Fairy godmother, the Witch and many more. Everyone is constantly ready for play and fun.

Visit Santa's beautiful, magic home with sparkling lakes and fabulous forests. The big theme park is packed with songs, dance and theater that take you on adventure all day. How about going to the school of mischief, dancing around the Christmas tree, children's theater with the Witch and the Santa helpers, meeting the Troll King or the Queen of the Winter? Have lunch at the restaurant Verkstan, have a coffee in Tomtemor's Café or shop for Christmas-inspired memories in the shop? The day ends at dusk, when fires, torches and marshalls spread heat in the evening darkness.

More information about opening hours and entrances can be found on Tomtelands website.

Entré Sagolandet Tomteland