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Ornässtugan is a large medieval guest house dating from the early 16th century. It belonged to a wealthy miner who was a stakeholder in the mine and it was part of a group of buildings constructed around a courtyard.


The lower floor was used as a storeroom and the upper one as a guest house. The building with its external gallery tells us about the craftsmanship of the time as well as displaying the power and riches of local mine owners in late medieval Sweden. At the end of the 17th century the Brandberg family took over Stora Ornäs. During the 18th century Jacob Brandberg focused on the gallery building's link to King Gustav Vasa and he collected objects and folk traditions still alive at that time about Vasa's adventures in Dalarna. This resulted in the opening of a museum at Ornässtugan back in the 1750s.
Today's museum at Ornässtugan is one of Sweden's oldest.

Souvenir shop and restaurant with outdoor seating.

Access to the museum on guided tours only (given on the hour). The final tour starts one hour before closing. In May prebooked groups only.

Facilities and service

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