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Mikeltjärn is a small lake in Älvdalen county, Dalarna.



Here you can find a slogbod (a small wood shelter), fire pit & overnight cabin which is free to use but make sure it is still in good condition when you leave. A fishing license is required if you wish to do some fishing.

On the way to Mikeltjärn you pass by Kelda (cold spring in the language of Älvdalen) which has water bubbling from it all year round.

Faciliteter och service

  • Summer


Drive South from Älvdalen on road RV70 turn left towards Blyberg according to the signs. Follow blybergsvägen until the road divides into two in the town of Blyberg. Take the road to the left on to Skordvägen. Follow skordvägen until it turns into a gravel road, keep following the gravel road. Take a right twice on the gravel roads. you will arrive at a small widening of the road where you can park. Look for the little Mikeltjärn sign. follow the trail approximately 500m, you have arrived.