Man kisses an alpaca on the nose.
cat in the yard.
Two goats.
Watercourses at outbuildings.
Rooster in the henhouse.
Purifying water.
Farm image with red house, flagpole with Swedish flag.
Cows in a pasture near water.
The owner couple stands at the entrance to the house.
Shelf on a timber wall with a yellow jug and a bowl and towels hanging next to it. for washing hands.
Little boy is sitting in the grass next to a cat.

Café Stora Lunån Gårdsmejeri (dairy)

Falun, Lunån 113

Pleasant, homey little café amid Lunån's beautiful nature. The house is from the 1830s and you can snack here in front of the tile stove or out in the garden, depending on the weather.

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Visiting address: Lunån 113, 791 92 Falun