Breathtaking view of mountain in the summer.
Snow coverd mountain durinh winter

Vedungsfjällen Nature Reserve

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One of Sweden's most unknown mountains. Despite its anonymity here you can find several fascinating phenomena. Vedungsfjällen located in the border regions of Dalarna and Jämtland. The area is an isolated eastern foothill of the mountains of Dalarna and typical low mountains with gently rounded tops. Sömlinghågna, Dalarnas second highest mountain at 1195 meters is located halfway into Härjedalen.

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Visiting address: , 79090 Särna

Take exit from road 70 to road 311 north between Särna and Idre. The reserve is most easily reached from Storfjäten or from Fröbergsvallen. Alternatively from Särna, drive directly north towards Nysätersvallen.