Breathtaking view of mountain in the summer.

Vedungsfjällen Nature Reserve

One of Sweden's most unknown mountains. Despite its anonymity here you can find several fascinating phenomena. Vedungsfjällen located in the border regions of Dalarna and Jämtland. The area is an isolated eastern foothill of the mountains of Dalarna and typical low mountains with gently rounded tops. Sömlinghågna, Dalarnas second highest mountain at 1195 meters is located halfway into Härjedalen.



Here grows the yellow-green lichen, and in some places it has been hard eaten, when this were the wild reindeers last outpost 150 years ago. One wanders farther into the mountains you will come to the sparse heath forests and the drier rod moors that fill the valleys. Here you can experience "palsmyr", a strange frost phenomenon more common in the Siberian tundra. The meter-high tufts of towers, whose core is made of ice - on the tundra, they never have time to thaw - maybe they have time to do this here. Yet they grow. Unfortunally the flora is quite poor in this area, but it is possible to see a few species such as "angelica archangelica” and "Euphrasia hyperborea".

East of Fröbergsvallen is a beautiful waterfall, Yxningåfallen, well worth a visit. Follow the path up the Svartåsen to get to both the river and falls. The river flowing out of a ravine, and about 300 meters fall from 50 meters, forming several small beautiful waterfalls. Would you continue up towards Fröberget you may come across a large field of 30 ha old-growth forest that burned down during a dry and hot summer week of 1959, it is still standing today.

Old spruce forest with high humidity, which escaped the fires are at Oxvålen and the slopes around Vedungsfjället are large contiguous areas of marshland. This provides great opportunities for a rich birdlife. There is possibility to see species such as "Charadrius morinellus", "Philomachus pugnax" and "Numenius phaeopus".


Take exit from road 70 to road 311 north between Särna and Idre. The reserve is most easily reached from Storfjäten or from Fröbergsvallen. Alternatively from Särna, drive directly north towards Nysätersvallen.