close up of Njupeskär waterfall.

Fulufjällets Nationalpark

Fulufjället National Park was established in 2002 and covers 385 km2 and is the one of largest national park outside of Norrbotten. Here you find one of Sweden's highest waterfall of 93 meters and the world's oldest tree, which is 9550 years old!



Njupeskär waterfall is 93 meters and is one of Sweden's highest. The water falls freely 70 meters. The stream next to the fog case there are many rare mosses, lichens and vascular plants. Many of them require constant moisture to survive. The deep groove cut into the sandstone layers of the waterfall is a textbook example of reverse erosion. A few days around midsummer - at the summer solstice - the sun finds its way to the waterfall and gives it a magical blue light. But this occurs only in the morning between 3:00 to 5:00 am.

On Fulufjället is a clone of a fir tree that grew at the same point in 9550 years! The spruce can reproduce and survive by shooting new suckers and it's like that this spruce has survived since the took root in Fulufjället just after the last ice age. During cold periods, the fir tree grown more as a shrub and when the climate was more favorable, it looked like a tree, it is Professor Leif Kullman at Umeå University, who examined the tree line on Fulufjället and with the investigation, age was determined by wood residues that were found under the tree with the so called carbon14-method. Then you could conclude that it is the same genetic makeup as existed at this location for over 9000 years! Do you want to visit the world's oldest tree?


Fulufjället is located in northwestern Dalarna next to the Norwegian border, about 20 km west of Särna. Follow RV 70 north from Särna, 40 km north of Särna, drive into the road in 1056 towards Mörkret and Gördalen. In Mörkret take left to Njupeskär which is located about 2 km west.