Two persons are resting next to a lake in the forest.
A restingplace next to a lake.
Walkingsign in the forest.
An old barn in the forest.
Sign in the forest.
Walkingpath in the forest.
Birch trees

Smeleden 57 km

Smedjebacken, Björsjö

Sméleden is part of the 7000 km long E1 (Europaltrail1) that runs from southern Italy up to the Nordkap in northern Sweden. The trail continues after Malingsbo-Kloten in Björsjö and extends through Smedjebacken municipality to Säter municipality until lake Tunsan (Stora Bråfall). The trail offers varied nature and experiences. It is partially marked with wooden signs and painted trees.

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Visiting address: Björsjö, 777 34 Smedjebacken