Ski trail through the chalet.

Norra Garbergs Skicenter Norra Garberg Skidcenter 0,2 - 13 km

35 km long ski trail. The ski track starts in Eldris. You can start skiing anywhere. In summer there are many options for hiking. The Siljan hiking-trail passes here.



Length: 0.2 - 13 km.

Difficulty: Varied terrain.

Starting point: IFK Mora's cottage.

Track marking: 0.2 kmYellow-white, 5.5 km Yellow, 7.5 km Blue-white, 8.5 km Green.

Track Description:
A ski and hiking paradise! Garberg is located 22 km from Mora.
There are changing rooms with shower and sauna, ski vax shed and a cottage for overnight stays.

The facility is owned by IFK Mora. Ski trails and cabins are kept open by non-profit members.

Keep in mind that the tracks are affected by weather conditions, so please check the status of the tracks before you go skiing.